n. It describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or deeply melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing will never return. It is the love that remains after someone is gone. |

I have had many wonderful afternoons/evenings this month and this inspired me to go get a planner (silly reason, i know) so that I can record them down and remember how happy life can get when things start to go bad along the week. Normally a planner’s supposed to help you take note of the future, but reminiscing on past experiences is how I roll (refer to previous personal blog posts). 
And because I don’t have the time or money to go print mini 3.2” x 2.5” photo cards for my keepsake, here are some photos from July #ilovetechnology 

Got tired from running away from my problems so when the opportunity came for me to express my feelings (although he did more of the talking and all i said was “i feel the same too”), I took it and on hindsight, I’m glad that we had that talk and it went the way I wanted it to. 
June’s alllllmost over (pushing it because i know that there are still 11 days left till July but my awesome estimation skills insists that this month is coming to a close) and there’s just a month left (i think - school starts in August so you guys do the math) before I embark on my third and final year in college. Still deciding if I should do a fourth year but I’ll think about it later.
It’s amazing what a lot of free time can do to you. But as much as I enjoy lounging about the house or taking/editing photographs or walking from Botanic Gardens to City Hall amidst the hazy situation in Singapore, I can’t wait for school to start.

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