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Scrolling through tumblr and coming across pictures of Amsterdam have brought up dormant feelings of wanderlust. Out of the many places I visited in Europe this May, I think Amsterdam was probably my favourite.
We had our own cozy space to ourselves in Roszenstraat, and I remember travelling out to the supermarket (Albert Heijn) which was a good 10-15 minutes walk away from our apartment almost every night to get groceries or snacks. The weather was nippy, but there’ll always be a trip to Hema to get the soft serve for a reasonable one euro.
It wasn’t the free beers we got at the Heineken museum, or the visits to the weed cafes or the sex museum that I remember best (although they make for very interesting conversation starters). It was the random videos/photos we took while high on beer (it probably was just me) at the Heineken museum, getting lost while finding a shortcut back to the apartment, and the nights tucked under cosy covers and falling asleep to episodes from The O.C. Sure we didn’t go see the windmills or the tulips that practically everyone I know went to on their trip to Amsterdam, but I’m pretty sure that my experience wasn’t any less memorable than theirs. 
Definitely going back there for a visit on my next trip to Europe! 

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