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Earl grey tea infused cupcakes with a simple Delphinium icing 
Spent the afternoon baking for my best friend Sarah who turns 21 today *\o/* 
We’ve known each other for close to 15 years, of which 10 were spent in the same school where I could see her everyday/whenever I wanted. We were in different schools in junior college but that didn’t stop us from meeting up over an afternoon of baking or simply just to catch up over tea. During our long 8 months break after our A-levels, we travelled to Taiwan (our very first trip together!! Malacca when we were 13 didn’t count because we were chaperoned by teachers) and did things that our friends (who also went to Taiwan in their own time) didn’t do e.g. had bad experiences with food, didn’t go visit danshui, couldn’t find milk tea that was nice etc. Knowing that she’ll be busy once medical school starts, I was glad then that we got this mini getaway. But a year later, we found ourselves on a plane to some place faraway, Europeeeee! Travelling to a place I so fondly love with my best friend was a dream come true for me :) I still think back on our days spent in Europe with our other best friends punting in Cambridge, vintage shopping in Bath, walks through crematoriums, and even moments where we had to sleep on a suspended air mattress, and wait for the next bus because we’d miss our previous one!
This year has been quieter on such activities, but it made me even more reminiscent of our older days - days where we could just be contented with a few hours in the afternoon together (probably evenings now) and shared laughter. 
I love you Sarah, and have a great birthday! 

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