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So my family decided to bring out the griller and have it put to good use before it starts to get wonky and slow, like all things old. (heh) Sure enough, we had to dispose of ol’ trusty after that night. It was a long day at work, entertaining certain kids who have nothing but mischief up their sleeves (still cute, though) and moulding damp clay till my fingers got all  wrinkly. My incentive for that day was that there would be hot barbecued goodness waiting for me at home mmm~ Unlike our usual spread which includes sweet potato, corn, chicken wings, satay, portobello ‘shrooms, sausages, we also added on prawns, steamed crab, and perfectly cooked medium rare steak (YUM). It was a celebration in my tummy, and sitting at the balcony with my family and eating till the night grew long was a perfect end to my day. 

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