adj. some friendships are brighter than the fulgent moonbeams that glisten over the ocean | 

Dropped by SMU to visit this pretty girl today, as well as to get some school stuff done before I had to head to work. But instead of hitting the books, we both decided to visit the strange looking huts that have been inhabiting the space outside the National Museum of Singapore for a while now. 

Initially, all the excitement from what was inside the mountainous structures melted away when I stepped into it. There was hardly anything inside but a bench made from bamboo-like poles and I was  rather disappointed. But things changed when I tilted my head up at the little opening that beautifully framed the sky, and I could imagine how the view would be even more breathtaking in the night. Mountains are said to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth, and there was just something mystical about being in those simple huts once its significance was unveiled.

As we were about to head back, Joyce noticed the colourful patches of confetti that glittered the walkway, (probably from some fairies that partied too hard the night before) and being the photo-loving people that we are, we couldn't pass up this chance to take some pictures ~ 

I think she was apologetic about me not having a productive morning, but given the short amount of time I had with her I'd rather we do something we both loved, while having fun at the same time 

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