June: In Retrospect

Happy second of July! Can't believe half the year has gone by so quickly, and there's only 6 months left to my favourite season :-) Thought I'd do what Miranti from Penandpeplum does to reflect on the past month with a question-and-answer-like segment:

Currently I am...

Making myself more awake by doing a bit of writing. Heh. If you don’t already know this, caffeine is absolutely rubbish on me so downing a cup of coffee every morning will only make me run to the toilet every 10 minutes. Not even kidding. I have a tiny bladder –shrugs–.
Cooking — not at the moment. But I did grill chicken with leftover rice this morning to bring to work. I think the extra effort that goes into prepping my lunch makes me more conscious of what I’m eating.
Watching advertisements. Good ones, bad ones, funny ones, sad ones. I watch ‘em all day err’day. Get immensely inspired by them, especially those that tell you to dream big. Food ads are also one of my favourite things to watch. Here are some that I dig: Lurpak Kitchen Odyssey (W+K), Lurpak Adventure Awaits (W+K), Lurpak Weave Your Magic (W+K), Lurpak Be Wonderful and Wise (W+K), Chipotle (Creative Artists Agency)
Reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I’m big on anything that is nostalgia-themed so there’s no surprise in the fact that “In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine.” is one of my favourite quotes from the novel.
Playing William Fitzsimmon’s Fortune.
Obsessed with my bloglovin’ feed. There are so many people out there who are passionate about what they do and just reading about their day-to-day routines motivate me to do meaningful things with my time. Always an instant cheer-me-up whenever I go on J
Enjoying a cup of latte as I write this.
Waiting for my commencement ceremony on the 8th of July, after which I will officially be a graduate. Still don’t know how I should feel about that.
Loving Lauren’s Instagram feed. Follow her @lolabell
Wearing my favourite hoodie and wishing that I had another layer on because my workplace feels like it's subzero. Brr.
Following World Cup 2014 news. I hardly ever watch soccer but I hate being left out of conversations. So this is my attempt at keeping up with the world.
Grateful for people who care. Euge just came down from the 9th floor to pass me oranges to eat :3 Will miss her so much when she leaves at the end of this month! 

Shall awkwardly and abruptly end this post off with this month's calendar~ 


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