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Photos taken at Jeju Island, South Korea

In my ambitious endeavor to recreate VSCO effects on Photoshop, I may have gone overboard with the curve tool, heh. The lack of details and extreme-fadedness ("high PSI level") in my post-processed photos can be appalling to some but I am a sucker for the 'natural' film-like quality that comes with analog cameras - the graininess, underexposed and overexposed areas, colors that are extraordinarily vibrant, etc. ♥.♥ Of course it helps that my camera's lens cover eats into the frame, creating a natural vignette at the top right corner in most of the pictures. If my photos go unedited, the black blur would stick out like an eyesore. But amongst the technical imperfections that are digitally created with Photoshop, it makes these little flaws go unnoticed. More than anything, (in my opinion) I think they actually enhance the vintage quality of the photographs.

To friends who are huge advocates of the #nofilter notion, I respect your views on retaining the natural quality of photos and understand why you'd think that it's a hassle to edit all your images. But these are just some of my thoughts and while I don't try to make you a convert of my photo ideals, I'd really like it if you'd let me have my brazen way in photo editing and keep your snide remarks (if any) to yourselves. Any constructive criticism, though, is greatly appreciated!

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